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Solid Rock United Methodist Church Scholarship Application Form



Kriegbaum/Solid Rock UMC


Scholarship Fund Guidelines


Source and Purpose of the Scholarship Fund



The Solid Rock/Kriegbaum Scholarship Fund has been funded in part by the original gift of $1500 plus interest given in 1959 by Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Kriegbaum. The Kriegbaum Student Loan Fund was started as a ministry of the Warren UMC. The Scholarship Fund was a ministry of Jefferson Center UMC. When the two churches merged and after discussion with Mr. George Kriegbaum, the combined committee members voted to turn all monies into the Kriegbaum/Solid Rock UMC Scholarship Fund. Monies are obtained through donations,  personal gifts,  memorial gifts and as a line item in the annual budget.


The purpose of this fund is to help Solid Rock young adults in obtaining a higher education.



Any student who desires a scholarship from this fund should obtain the necessary application form and return this form and a one page essay by the stated deadline to the church office attention Scholarship Committee. This information and the scholarship application form are available on the Solid Rock UMC website (



Late applications will not be considered.


Qualification of Applicant


    The applicant will be considered if he/she is a Solid Rock member or attends regularly and supports and participates in its ministries as evidenced on the submitted essay.


    The applicant must reapply each year. Please provide current address and telephone number when any change occurs.


Administration of the Scholarship Fund


    The Scholarship Committee shall meet annually in March for the purpose of reviewing applications and essays as well as the current scholarship fund status with additional meetings as needed.


    No one person may receive a scholarship for more than 5 years and scholarship money shall only be awarded for the first Bachelor’s or Associate's degree.


    Scholarship money will be disbursed before the beginning of each term. A class schedule which includes student's name, college, date of term and number of credit hours to be taken must be received in the church office before a scholarship check will be written.


    Scholarship money will be awarded according to the above qualifications  as per availability of monies. Scholarships will be at the discretion of  the scholarship committee.


    Unless money is given through a matching grant (see below), a check is written directly to the student who has applied.


    The Committee will consist of a scholarship chairperson, the education chairperson, staff/parish chairperson, UMW president, Men's Fellowship president, the pastor and four members at large elected at the local Charge Conference.


Matching Grants


Some universities offer matching grants through churches for their students.


    It is the student's  responsibility to inform the committee that your college has a Matching Grant program and to obtain the necessary application form.


    The deadline for these applications is often early in the calendar year for the following school year.  Plan early.


    These checks must be sent directly to the University instead of the student.